Who are we?

A group of entrepreneurial students committed to teaching ourselves and our peers about trading stocks, meeting industry and holding paper trading competitions.

2020-21 Masthead

Senior Leadership

Neil Jonatan, President and Founder
Yishai Dishy, V.P. of Corporate Communications and Sponsorships
Karin Peride Hauptricht, Co-V.P. of Marketing and Social Media
Ammaarah Hafeez, Co-V.P. of Marketing and Social Media
Trisca Sabir, V.P. of Treasury and Sponsorships Director
Rottem Maor, Co-V.P. of Finance
Liam Hennessy, Co-V.P. of Finance

Analyst Committee

Sahil Duggal, Senior Financial Analyst
Noah Hazlett, Senior Financial Analyst
Roland Rozario, Senior Financial Analyst
Larena Gomes, Senior Financial Analyst
Sikandar Ilyas, Senior Financial Analyst
Virag Mehta, Junior Financial Analyst
Nathan Yemane, Junior Financial Analyst

Communications Committee

Komal Patel, Communications Associate
Newsha Mohammadzadeh, Communications Associate
Navneet Gill, Event Planning Associate

Marketing Committee

Shazeen Kamran, Marketing Associate
Justin Cordero, Research and Development Associate
Kelly White, Director of Graphic Design
Zhanlong He, Graphic Design and Marketing Associate
Mursal Omary, Graphic Design and Marketing Associate